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Engine oil and filter change,
full in-depth safety check of the vehicle with a full safety and maintenance report, 
check and top up under bonnet fluids including coolant, brake and power steering fluids,
test battery/charging/starting systems, 
pressure test cooling system and inspect, 
scan vehicle computers,
adjust brakes/hand brake, 
road test.

We do not charge travel time only charge for time actually working on the vehicle.

Before AMMM commences any work, the mechanic will show you an itemised quote of work required and associated costs - you are always in control of the cost and will not get a nasty surprise.

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Logbook Servicing

Logbook Service?
AMMM can perform your Logbook Service without affecting your statutory warranty
We stamp your logbook as a record of service and only use quality parts and oils with fully qualified mechanics. To see when we can perform your logbook service and get a quote online, please enter your postcode above and follow the directions. You will be impressed with how easy it all is. Logbook Service – we can stamp your Log Book without affecting your warranty

Logbook Servicing
 Full logbook servicing as per the manufactures handbook. 
Mobile Mechanical perform your new car servicing will not void any of your warranties. 
We will only use the best quality parts and lubricants that meet or exceed the manufacturers specifications.